Electrical Standards - RMOL 5903

Electrical Standards - RMOL 5903


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This course provides a basic overview of the theory and application of electricity and equations such as Ohm's Law and the Power equation.


During this course you will learn the basics of electricity including a detailed discussion of voltage, current, and resistance. You will then learn how each of these elements form mathematical relationships with one another through the application of these quantities using mathematical equations fundamental to the study of electricity.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Understand single-phase and three-phase systems
  • Be able to explain cord- and plug-connected and fixed equipment, grounding, ground fault circuit interrupters, and safety-related work practices.
  • Know the electrical hazard recognition and OSHA policies and procedures

Quiz Information

All quizzes require a score of 70% to proceed forward in the course.

Final Exam Information

The final exam requires a minimum score of 70% to receive a certificate of completion.



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