On-site Training

For Sites With 10 or More Employees

SafetyTraining.com Offers On-site OSHA Training Services for 10 or More Employees

SafetyTraining.com is your source for on-site safety training and consulting services. On-site training is currently available for the following courses:

  • 10 Hour Construction
  • 10 Hour General Industry
  • 30 Hour Construction
  • 30 Hour General Industry
  • 40 Hour HAZWOPER
  • 24 Hour HAZWOPER
  • 8 Hour HAZWOPER Annual Refresher

Through our highly qualified partners we offer On-site OSHA training courses which include construction and general industry courses, as well as Confined Space Entry courses, Excavation Competent Person classes, and Cal/OSHA training classes. Courses can be customized to your facility or job site. Courses can be scheduled during the week or on weekends, depending on the type of course.

Other On-site services include Mock OSHA Inspections, Industrial Hygiene Air and Noise Surveys, and Site Safety Management Services. Other services include assistance in developing Injury and Illness Prevention Plans (IIPP), Litigation Support, and OSHA Expert Witness.

Training classes and other services are provided by our authorized OSHA Safety Professionals and Compliance Experts.

Mock OSHA Inspections

Find out whether your company would pass a government OSHA inspection. We can help you by providing the same type of inspection you would face from OSHA, but without the possibility of a penalty. Then you know where you stand when the real Gov OSHA inspectors come to call.

Air and Noise Testing

It is the responsibility of every company to provide a safe environment for their workers. That includes not only safe air to breathe, but healthy noise levels as well. Our trained consultants can evaluate your specific business environment, tell you if you have a problem, and most importantly, recommend a solution.

Trenching and Excavation “Competent Person” Training

One of the most hazardous work situations can occur with improper trenching and excavation. This is one area where online training cannot substitute for a skilled, on site trainer. SafetyTraining.com will provide such a trainer right where you need it.

Additional On-Site OSHA Training Courses

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On-Site Training

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